Sunday, October 2, 2011

Not the classics but who cares!

There is nothing I love more than a guilty pleasure book series.
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In high school, I gobbled up the Gossip Girl book series like it was Thanksgiving dinner. Within a week, I had the first 10 books in the series read.

This time, I have to say, the Pretty Little Liars book series are my new meal.

I have recently just finished the fourth book in the series and I must say, I’ve never been 
more captivated/involved in such character’s lives like I am with this series.

The series follows 4 best friends who are dealing with the disappearance of their mutual friend, Alison, who is the “Regina George” of their somewhat-damaging friendships.  Three years after the disappearance of Alison, the four girls (Aria, Spencer, Emily, and Hanna) all receive threatening messages from a mysterious “A” character. All the girls are convinced that the person who is behind these text messages, is their friend, Alison. However, when Alison turns up dead, the girls are in a frenzy. Who could know all of their secrets that only Alison knew? Spooky, right?

The great thing that the PLL books bring out is the constant subject of cyber-bullying and glbt issues. Emily, one  of the four girls, begins to question her sexuality. Emily formally told Alison about her sexuality issues and once the threatening text messages from “A” starting coming in, Emily was being harassed and threatened that all of Rosewood High (the prestigious school that the girls go to) would know that Emily is gay. When Emily fibs to a police officer about “A” and the horrifying text messages, emails, and personally notes that she is receiving, “A” gets her revenge by posting posters of Emily kissing another girl all over the school. It touches on the sensitive subject of the “coming out” process that GLBT youth go through and how cyber bullying can escalate into something more damaging.

PLL takes place in Rosewood, Pa, an imaginary town that many PA residents could replace with the Mainlain. There are mentions of WaWa, the “King James Mall” aka The King of Prussia Mall, West Chester Pike, Philadelphia, and many SEPTA references.

The series has also be developed into a highly successful television series on the ABC Family network. Although the stories and the aesthetic looks of the character have been altered, it seems to be the one book-to-television series that mostly stays true to itself.

Although the PLL series is mostly geared to the young adult demographic, I found myself thoroughly engaged. If you want to enjoy a quick, yet intellectual read, I’d say go for the PLL liars series.

However, be warned. This series is in no way a “chick-lit” series.

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