Saturday, September 10, 2011

The beginnings of what I hope to be, a fun adventure

I usually go through little obsessions that last for a few weeks and then die. First, it was the Hanson brothers in the 6th grade, then it was gel pens in the 9th grade, anything Paris, France-related during senior year, and just a few weeks ago, I went on a 2-week obsession with anything Selena Gomez-related (don't judge me!) 

However, there are 3 obsessions of mine that have yet to go away. In fact, they have aided me through the rough times and have given me even more encouragement during the good times. Coffee, Books, and Philadelphia are my 3 main loves and without them, I would probably just collapse from boredom and exhaustion. 

So I have finally decided to devote an entire blog to a beverage, a city, and the power of Literature. My plan is to hopefully entertain you lovely readers with my adventures in the city of brotherly love, talk about the different coffee shops that I go to that are not Starbucks, and tell you about the books that I am reading, whether they have been out for decades, a week, or a day. Hopefully this will not get too expensive....

                          City Hall in Philadelphia. Photo Credit: Angela Thomas