Thursday, August 23, 2012

Marina and The Diamonds dazzles fans in Philly

By Angela Thomas

It is rare that a 27 year old performer can be described as adorable, however Marina & The Diamonds not only proved that wrong but she also put on an adorable show.

On Friday, August 17, Marina & The Diamonds hit Philly with a pink-colored BANG at The Theater of Living Arts. After her 2012 release of her second album, Electra Heart, Marina and her diamonds ( an affectionate name for her fans) went on a US tour.

Fans lined the streets, some donning a heart shaped beauty mark, which is a trademark of Marina and her “primadonna” image coming off of the success of her second album. Once inside, fans hurried to the stage, eager to see their favorite Welsh singer in full bloom.

“Hello Philly!,” Marina shouted to her diamonds after singing “Homewrecker” and “Lies” off of her second album, Electra Heart. Marina’s set was every princess’s dream, with a velvet lounge chair, a pink background, and a primadonna costume change. She dazzled fans as she danced around the stage, shaking hands and throwing water at the fans.

 Marina received the biggest applause when she sang her hit single “I am Not a Robot” off of her premier album, The Family Jewels as well as “Primadonna” off of Electra Heart. Fans sang along, showing their adoration.

Marina not only is a trendsetter in music but also in style. She is best known for her unique but beautiful vocals and pop-icon style, wearing anything from vintage to couture. Coming all the way from Wales, Marina & The Diamonds are among a long list of talented individuals from the United Kingdom who have set off the US wave charts. Philadelphia was the second-to-last stop on Marina’s US tour and we sure hope it is not the last. 

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