Monday, August 27, 2012

Feminists Before, Jane & Jesse are here

By Angela Thomas

Lauren Conrad is just the “it” girl; the girl you hated in high school because she was everywhere. Fashion designer, retired reality TV star, and author of the hit book series, L.A. Candy, is hitting book shelves for the second time with her second installment of L.A. Candy, Sweet Little Lies.

I must say, my women’s and gender studies classes have ruined me with literature. Reading Conrad’s second installment, my veins pumped with anger at the stupidity and naivety of the lead female character, Jane. For once, it would be nice to show a strong female character in these “chick-lit” type series; however Conrad has fallen into the same loop. My best friend, Janene, described Jane’s character as that “girl who readers know the decisions that she should make before she makes them.” As readers, we are constantly wanting to yell at Jane, “no, no! Don’t believe them! Don’t love him! Don’t be friends with her!” However, we must allow Jane to make the mistakes in order for her to learn her lesson.

I think it is even more frustrating when we see Jane blame herself for her boyfriend’s drunken and cheating antics. The strongest that reader’s see Jane at is when she breaks up with her boyfriend, Jesse, after he shoves her to the floor after another drunk night for him.

I guess I am a little disappointed that Conrad has not written about a strong female character. She is in the position to. This really makes me wonder how autobiographical this book is. I know the series is rumored to be based off of Conrad’s experience, and she does bring the attention to readers that reality TV does not always tell the truth.

Conrad’s book does a good job representing exactly what it is, pure entertainment. Women and men who loved the Gossip Girl series, will absolutely love this series. It is full of back-stabbing friends, shopping, relationships, and juicy gossip! 

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